We are pleased to announce that
PlayerCoin Project will be operating
under new management starting
[January 07, 2019].

Founder Team Statement :

Due to reasons of incompatibility with parallel projects and other obligations by the founding team, and the growing interest of various investors to our product and its huge potential, we decided to take an important decision to guarantee the viability of the project:

Transfer the full management and development of PlayerCoin Project to CryptoCorp company,
by agreement of the two interested parties.

We know that it is an unexpected change, but this decision is in the best interest for the project continuity and strengthen investor confidence. We hope that all those who believe in PlayerCoin welcome the new management team.

The new owners will soon release information about the plans for PlayerCoin Project.
Only trust information that comes from the official news page.
Please, do not hesitate to ask more questions if necessary

Best Regards
The PlayerCoin Founder Team.


The new development team thanks all those who have placed their trust to make possible the beginning of this new stage.

Reloading... ARE YOU IN?

New Stage, New Look!

A new stage requires a change of look. After doing a restyling of PlayerCoin brand, we started implementing the new look on our website, office...

Wallet 2.0

Meanwhile, our programmers are developing a new PlayerCoin Wallet to increase stability with new improved interface to make more efficient usability.


It’s known that Blockchain, actually, has a large number of security features but this doesn’t make it immune to cyber threats. We have special consideration in this aspect. That is why we are going to provide all the resources to get an strong technical and robust code review process to make it more secure.

What's PlayerCoin

PlayerCoin is a cryptocurrency that will serve as a reward token for players and developers.

For this, blockchain technology will be used for its safety, comfort, simplicity of use and decentralization.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies that require dedicated hardware to acquire rewards through Proof of Work,
our intention is to offer such rewards to the players.

The concept would be a “Proof of Playing”, where who plays acquire coins that later can use in other games
or change in the different traders.

This allows a fairer distribution of currencies,
since the cost to acquire them is not based on the computational capacity of each one,
but in the time that it dedicates and its abilities.
It is perhaps the best example of meritocracy in an environment like this.

Innovation and Technology
For technical needs there will also be Proof of Stacking with the objective of guaranteeing fast and effective transactions throughout the blockchain. By creating an environment that rewards players for the use of their time and skills allows us to offer game developers a very interesting platform to promote their brand and products.
The use of PlayerCoin is free for developers and allows them to introduce their games into an ecosystem of players motivated to know new products. PlayerCoin tokens can be used to build freemium business models and these tokens developers can convert into money by selling them in different exchanges. It is an added advantage that they do not have to manage any type of payment by the developers, since all are made using a technology of proven security and that, being decentralized, guarantees that they will be able to use it while they consider it necessary.

Variable Reward System

It is a system designed to avoid excessive flood of “players” mining coins.
PlayerCoin “target” is set about 10.000 PlayerCoins per day. (It is the blockreward of a PoW coin)
If we have many players “mining” (playing) and redeeming coins… lets say they redeems 20.000 coins the first day, then difficulty retarget system will readjust the difficulty ratio.
So next day, players at any game will get 50% coins when they are going to redeem them. If we dont get at 10.000 coins a day, retarget will adjust again ratio to let miners (players) get more coins.
Its similar to kimoto gravity diff retarget on PoW, but implemented at our Proof of Play.

Proof of Playing

What does it Proof of Playing mean?
Simple: You will earn real PlayerCoins while playing our games. At the end of every play, you will be able to claim for your coins direcly into your PC Wallet. Go to redeem tokens! page to convert your ingame score/coins into real PlayerCoins.

API integration
We have programmed intuitive and simple API to make easy integration of PlayerCoin services to any game from any platform. So if you are game developer and want to use PlayerCoin in your Game/Project, just contact us and ask for our API!

PlayerCoins can be used in many ways, inside and outside games world. We are planning to build a full Marketplace where users will be able to buy, sell and exchange goodies and game items paying them with PlayerCoins. Also, you will be able to buy ingame features with PlayerCoins (ex. buy extra lives, continues, special items, etc.)


The Project Continues...

The project has already been reactivated, and the whole team is working hard with the common purpose of improving in all aspects to get the best product, much more safer, stable and making a strong bet on quality games.



A promising game developer company has already joined to our project, and we are negotiating with another one. Games development started!.


the countdown is already in progress

The Token Redeem System has been updated by a new version more improved and effective, increasing security against hacking.



PlayerCoin [PLACO] Exchanges

We are having conversations with some important exchanges to list our token.
Currently, PlayerCoin [PLACO] can be traded in the exchanges below: